CPPCA - Probation Parole Corrections

Government Affairs

As a constant voice in the California Legislature, our circle of influence continues to grow.  Each year, CPPCA monitors bills that stand to affect probation, parole, corrections, and juvenile justice.  The Association contracts with Warner, Pank, Salzillo & Sanchez, LLC. to team with CPPCA's Legislative Committee to sponsor bills, seek amendments to pending legislation, and to argue for quality corrections legislation. 

With strong representation expressing our needs, concerns, and opinions, we have served to make an impact in both state and local government.  These activities ensure that the knowlege and experience we gain in the course of our jobs is shared in support of our mission.

CPPCA prides it's legislative program on being inclusive to all sectors of the criminal justice field.  

Please check back for the current bill list for information on bills in which we are involved.
Below are Legislative updates from Danielle Sanchez, Warner, Pank, Salzillo & Sanchez, LLC -

Archived Legislative Updates and memos