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Archived Legislative updates and memos. 

Warner and Pank Staff Announcement - Aaron Maguire 2012

California General Election Update 2012

CPPCA 2012 End of session Report

CPPCA Memo - Legislature Passes Pension Reform 8-31-12

CPPCA Pension Reform Update 8-28-12

CPOC Realignment Perspective July 2012

CPPCA Budget Update - Legislature Passes Remaining Trailer Bills

Attachments 1 & 2 for 5/14/12 CAOAC Briefing

CSA Report to BSCC Release letter

CSA Board Implementation Recommendations for BSCC

CPPCA Leg Update / Bill Report 6-04-12

CPPCA May Revise 5-14-12

SB 678 Allocations for 2012-13

Attachments #1 & 2 for CAOAC briefing 5-14-12

CPPCA Introduced Legislation List - to be reviewed & discussed March 7th @ CPPCA Legislative Committee Meeting

CPPCA 2012 Introduced bills - Watch List

LAO's Realignment of Adult Offenders Report

Legislative Update February 14, 2012

State of the State Address - January 18, 2012

Mandates in the Governor's 2012-13 Budget Proposal
Mandates for Repeal or Option with Rationale - Governor's 2012-2013 Budget
Mandates Funded & Suspended - Governor's 2012-2013 Budget

CPPCA Realignment Update/ Leg Changes 9-6-11
Realignment Update and Leg Changes

Budget Update 6-30-11
CPPCA Signed Budget Update 6-30-11

Legislative Update 6-22-10
Senate Democrats Restructuring Overview Handout final2.pdf
CPPCA Legislative Update 6 22 10 re Sen Dem Budget Proposal.pdf
CSAC June 21 Statement on Restructuring_FINAL.pdf

Legislative Update 7-6-10
CPPCA Bill Report 7 6 10.pdf
2010-06-30 Statewide Law Enforcement Access to Real Time CDCR Parolee Data Now Available.pdf
Probations Service Week proclamation.pdf

Legislative Update 7-15-10
Senate Realignment Proposal - Concept Summary
Senate Realignment Proposal Overview

Legislative Update 7-27-10
CPPCA Legislative and Budget Update

Legislative Update 8-3-10
Budget Conference Committee Compromise 8-3-10
Legislative Democrats Jobs Budget Press Release.pdf
Legislative Republican Press Release

Statewide Law Enforcement Access to "Real Time" CDCR Parolee Data Now Available
2010-06-30 Statewide Law Enforcement Access to Real Time CDCR Parolee Data Now Available.pdf